Sensitive skin, gentle care

If you have sensitive skin, then you probably know the drill – harsh skincare products translate to achy irritated skin. But instead of seeing sensitive skin as a curse, why not consider it a blessing?

Having sensitive skin means you have to be more aware of the products you use on your face, and I consider this a good thing. The more educated you are, the better you know which products will be good or bad for you.

Take alcohol for example, a common ingredient in skincare products. For some, it can be entirely harmless. But if you have some sort of sensitivity or dryness, you should definitely stay away. Learning to read ingredient labels and taking better care to toss out old and expired products means you can be the one gal in your squad that has her skincare routine on fleek.

Another important element is listening to your skin. If a product you’re using is breaking you out or creating extreme dryness, its place is in the bin. Don’t force your skin to “adapt” to skincare products, they should be the ones adapting to your skin, nourishing it and making you feel comfortable using them.

If you feel like updating your routine with sensitive skin friendly products, I would recommend checking our Age Defying Restoring Night Cream that are made with extra care not to include any sort of ingredients that can be irritating for your precious face. Be gentle, be kind and your skin will thank you for it with a glowing and healthy complexion.

Xoxo Talia

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