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White Caviar

Ultimate Bright Age-Correcting

Superb Anti-Aging Treatment
50ml e 1.7 fl.oz


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Superb anti-aging Cream enriched with peptides and Illuminating Caviar to help you achieve the luminosity of a youthful-appearing, vital and glowing appearance. White Caviar's exceptional moisturizing and anti-aging properties protect skin and contribute to its healthy-looking completion. This exquisite caviar cream creates a miracle blend of clinically tested peptides, brightening botanicals, hyaluronic acid, powerful antioxidants, and minerals to deliver remarkable results for softer, smoother, and brighter-looking skin.


  • Firms and smooths skin.
  • Evens skin tone and boosts luminosity.
  • Helps minimize age spots and discoloration.
  • Targets fine lines and deep wrinkles.

Key Technology

Talia’s Age-Defying LighTec™ +White Caviar Extract
White Caviar is a rich nutrient-packed with amino acids and omega-3 to nourish and revitalize the skin adding a unique glummer. Its powerful antioxidant content makes it a potent anti-aging ingredient that helps deliver a well-toned and healthy-looking appearance. Talia’s Age-Defying LighTec™ – the ultimate skin toning and anti-aging effect. An Advanced anti-aging Bio-Complex targets skin pigmentation, deep wrinkles, and oxidative stress. DorminCell Technology scientifically delays the aging process. Proline Peptide & Nymphaea Alba (Lotus) Flower extracts packed with isoflavones improve uneven skin tone by decreasing pigmentation induced by the natural aging process and external causes.


• Apply after cleansing and toning.
• Dip the spatula into the cream and apply 5 small dots to the face, neck, left and right chin, and forehead.
• massage the cream into the skin with a light pressing motion from the center to the outward face & neck.
• Rinse the spatula in soapy water ready for next use.
• Use daily, morning and night.
For best results complete treatment using Talia Age-Correcting Thermal Mask once to twice a week before applying treatment.
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