Refining Exfoliating Treatment

Pore-Refining Exfoliator to Boost Clarity

Botanically-rich exfoliator that refines the look of skin’s texture and softens imperfections for a radiant, smoother and brighter complexion.




  • Removes excess oil, dirt & impurities.
  • Clarifying & Detoxifying.
  • Balances and revives skin's texture.
  • Sulfate-free active formula.
  • Anti-Pollution Blend to fight-off pollution and age damages.


Refining Exfoliating Treatment revitalizes skin by gently exfoliating and polishing away dullness. A PH-balanced cleansing scrub based on a unique sulfate-free active formulation that removes excess oil, dirt & impurities from your skin without the risk of dehydration. Three exfoliating agents— Bamboo Charcoal, natural salicin acid found in Willow Bark and natural Black Mud —reveal a younger-looking skin by completely removing all pore cloggers, leaving skin’s surface clean and pores open. Apricot beads polish away dirt, pollutants and dead skin cells while moisturizing minerals and marine-derived antioxidants straighten the skin and raise skin’s natural ability to absorbs moisture helping it to retain youthfulness and elasticity needed to function as a healthy barrier.

Talia’s Anti-Pollution Super Blend & Talia’s Cleanse & Exfoliate Blend

A unique sulfate-free active formulation boosts with Talia’s Anti-Pollution Super Blend & Talia’s Cleanse & Exfoliate Blend. Anti-Pollution Super Blend comprised of, Bamboo Charcoal, Black Mineral Mud and Black Orchid works together to reveal a younger-looking skin. Bamboo Charcoal completely removes all pore cloggers leaving skin’s surface clean and pores open, Dead Sea Black Mud naturally restores pH levels, while drawing out toxins and improving elasticity and Black Orchid, a beauty secret moisturizes, soothes and conditions the skin to complete a smooth and clean completion. Cleanse & Exfoliate Blend is a unique blend of active botanicals, rich with minerals & natural source of Salicylic Acids which help increase the skin's natural cell turnover delivering a clean & radiant skin. Pineapple| Hibiscus| Grapefruit Natural scrub of Apricot beads polishes away dirt, pollutants and dead skin cells from your skin without the risk of dehydration

How to use

  1. Pour a small amount into damp palm.
  2. Rub palms together to activate lather.
  3. Gently massage into face.
  4. Rinse well with warm water and pat dry.
  5. Control exfoliation level- For more exfoliation use less water.
  6. Use daily morning and night.


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