7 Makeup Buying Mistakes to Steer Clear of

If you’re planning to buy luxury cosmetic products, check following shopping mistakes you’ll want to avoid making the most of your purchases:

Not knowing anything about the shop

 Before you make an order or hit that ‘pay’ button, choose a shop or provider that’s trustworthy. Check out the shop’s pages from its website to social media to see if it’s a shop or provider you can trust.

Not asking around

 Ask people you know and trust their opinion about the brand or site. They might have already used it in the past or they might know someone who’s familiar with it. That’s one way to find reputable brands online. If you don’t, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to mine your network for invaluable information.

Not knowing your skin type

 Your skin type determines your skincare buying options. Don’t just take a look at your face and decide you’ve got oily skin. If you can’t tell (because sometimes your skin is oily and sometimes it’s dry) you might want to consult with a dermatologist. For example, you might find out you have a combination skin, meaning skin that’s both oily and dry.

Buying for colour

 Sure, you love the colour palette. But does it work with your complexion? Is it a good choice for your skin tone or undertone? If the shades are all wrong for you, you’ll end up wasting the makeup no matter how cool those colours might turn out to be.

Getting stuck on labels

 You might be caramel in one brand and amber in another. That simply means you shouldn’t get stuck on labels when you shop. Otherwise, another brand’s mocha can turn out to be totally wrong for you.

Being a copycat

 Don’t buy makeup simply because it works for your friend or sister. People have different skin tones and what might look wonderful on someone else can look washed out on you.

Applying on a dirty face

 Don’t use those samples on a dirty face. If you’ve got an oily forehead or cheeks, you aren’t going to get a good sense of how effective or good the brand or product is. Wait until you’ve washed your face to try those samples out.

Now that you know what mistakes to avoid, you’re ready to make better decisions when you buy luxury cosmetic products. Shop with us today.

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