5 Skincare myths you need to forget

We all have our personal skincare routine that works best for us, but some skincare myths have to be banished for good and make room for better and healthier practices.

  1. You have to wash your face twice a day. 
    Actually, no you don’t. Overwashing your face strips it of its natural oils and can cause your skin to overcompensate, resulting with an oilier T-zone and spots. Cleanse your face thoroughly at night to get rid of all makeup residue and pollution, but in the morning a refreshing toner is more than enough to get you going.
  2. You don’t need SPF in the Winter. 
    Not true. Even during the winter, the sun still shines every morning. Sure, we feel it less, but we still need protection from UVA and UVB rays that penetrate the ozone layer and reach earth. Don’t forget – protecting yourself from the sun is the best form of Anti-Aging out there.
  3. Pores can be minimized. 
    No they cannot. Pores remain pores and do not change their size. What we can control is their visibility on the skin. The cleaner your pores, the less visible they are. If your pores are gunked up with dirt, your skin will look patchy and it’s time for a good mud mask (have you tried the Talia Clear-Away Mineral Mud Mask?) or book yourself a facial.
  4. You don’t need to use an eye cream in your 20’s.
    Not true. Our skin starts aging at a very young age, with first signs appearing in our early 20’s. The skin around the eyes is extra thin and sensitive to wrinkling, if you don’t make a point of replenishing it with hydration it will dry out and wrinkle even faster. Even a light refreshing eye cream can be a major investment for your future wrinkle free self.
  5. All spots are acne. 
    A big generalization. Spots can be caused by all sorts of factors and treating all spots with acne medication can deteriorate the skin instead of healing it. Hormones, stress, certain foods, some ingredients in skincare products – all those can cause spots that have nothing to do with “medical” acne. Identifying the culprit will make it much easier to treat your spots successfully, instead of using heaps of medical ointments and pills that won’t work. All our skincare products are made with natural ingredients that are kind your skin and won’t cause your pores to block and act up.You’re more than welcome to leave me a skincare myth you think is true in the comments and I will debunk or approve it for you!

You’re more than welcome to leave me a skincare myth you think is true in the comments and I will debunk or approve it for you!

Xoxo Talia

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